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Your Ultimate Guide to Timber Frame Houses

Timber framing is a method of building a house or building using heavy timbers using joined timbers and carefully fitted joints which are secured by large and durable wooden pegs. Timber framing is a popular house construction that originated started from the 19th century and even earlier. If the frame structure of the load-bearing timber is remained exposed on the building’s exterior, it is referred to as half-timbered. One of the world’s leaders in timber framing is the Timber Frame Company builds timber house structures that are precisely engineered, reliable, durable, and strong.

The popularity in timber frame house and building structures boils down to the great benefits this type of construction method over traditional brick and block construction. One of the most efficient and economical methods of house construction is timber frame. With timber frame, homeowners have more options available, simplified on-site and easy construction, and superior quality. One of the benefits of timber frame houses is the excellent quality because timber framing is engineered in high accuracy. Timber frame construction of houses is not weather dependent because it can be performed any time of the year. With timber framing, contractors and homeowners have a greater control in the majority of the construction process.

Timber frame can easily meet and even exceed building standards and there is an improved safety and healthy construction. Timber frame houses and buildings reduce building cost because of the ease of speed, high-quality structures, environmentally-friendly construction, and ease of erection. There is a higher rate of customer satisfaction because of increased customer benefits. The high efficiency in energy will result in low running costs. As compared to brick and block constructed homes, houses have better acoustic insulation properties with timber frames. Timber frame structures perform well against flood and fire. Homeowners get higher value for their money, with more choices. With timber frame houses using diagonal bracing, it helps in preventing racking or irregular movements of structural posts or beams. Traditional timber framing involves constructions of framed structures of joined heavy timber pegged mortise as well as tenon joints. Now more than ever, timber framing construction method is now more advanced and durable, and you may contact the Timber Frame Company to get an estimate or quote.

When it comes to Timber Frame Company, they have been in the business for many years, catering to residential and commercial business establishments. The Timber Company is dedicated and passionate about their craft, providing excellent services. If you want a unique and beautiful house made of timber, the Timber Company can definitely help you. Allow them to provide you the best timber solutions by visiting their homepage or website now. Work with the legit and trusted company today and make your dream house come true.

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